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The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment selects 42 Clima Projects 2014 that will result in a reduction of 1 M tonnes of CO2

The Governing Board of the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy (FES-CO2) has selected 42 Clima Projects in its 2014 call to avoid the release into the atmosphere of about 1 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

Clima Projects aim to develop initiatives that reduce emissions in sectors such as transport, agriculture or waste (so-called diffuse sectors), through the purchase of these reductions by the Spanish Climate Change Office under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The third call for Clima Projects, launched in early 2014, has led to the acquisition of emission reductions for these 42 projects.

Through the Carbon Fund, the Ministry acquires verified emission reductions from Clima Projects – climate change mitigation projects developed in Spain that help to avoid greenhouse gas emissions in diffuse sectors, while generating sustainable economic activity and promoting employment in our country.


Within the framework of this third call, more than 100 project proposals were received, of which 80 were shortlisted and invited to specify the details of their actions by submitting a Project Document. Following their evaluation, the final selection was made today: 42 Clima Projects 2014.

The promoters of these initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions will now be able to monitor the reductions resulting from their projects, once they start their implementation, with a view to accounting for and verifying the reductions they can achieve for their subsequent purchase by the Fund.

The selected proposals cover all the diffuse sectors: transport, residential, commercial and institutional, waste, agriculture, fluoridated and industries not subject to the emissions trading scheme, and contain actions in a large number of Autonomous Communities.

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Source: Magrama, Carbon Fund for Sustainable Economy