LIFE12 ENV/ES/000426


OBJECTIVES: LIFE RegaDIOX aims to design, demonstrate, test and disseminate an improved model for sustainable management of irrigated agricultural areas. The integration of the model into agricultural policies and rural strategies implemented in Navarre is expected to yield positive effects on climate change through increased CO2 sequestration and greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction.


Ferial-bombeoi– Designing an innovative model for agricultural management in irrigated systems focusing on the following action lines to promote adaptation to and mitigation of climate change:


a) soil organic carbon fixation – CO2 balance.




b) GHG emission reduction – emission balance.


c) implementation of demonstrative pilot experiences of the model to contrast the proposed methodology and to demonstrate its impact.


d) implementation of large-scale pilot experiences to test the impact of the model on professional farming.


e) assessing the impact of the actions, the learning obtained and their outcomes from an environmental and socio-economic point of view.


f) Technical skilling of farmers and transfer of learning and outcomes for their eventual mainstreaming into standard practice; capitalisation of results and integration into farming or environmental policies at regional, national and European level (e.g. measures within the Rural Development Plan of Navarre).


g) Dissemination of the model at regional, national and European level, putting the accent on its role in mitigating climate change, for its eventual capitalisation and transfer to other territories, especially semiarid areas in Southern Europe.