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This Project has been developed by three institutions deeply rooted in agriculture, yet with different profiles, representing farmers & stockbreeders, researchers and then the world of technology.


fundagroI FUNDAGRO ( Coordinating Partner)

The main objective of Fundagro since it was established back in 2002 is the promotion of rural development, putting the accent on the professional aspects of farming, stockbreeding and forestry. To attain this objective, it proposes activities that focus on training, modernisation, promotion, productivity, cost-effectiveness, employment, occupational health, the integration and maintenance of women in this sector, etc.

Fundagro is a non-profit making foundation of social interest with competences in the territory of the Chartered Community of Navarre. It seeks to contribute to dignify rural life, for which purpose it collaborates with public and private organisations in all types of activities oriented to the region’s population, such as:

1 Organising, sponsoring and providing funds for lectures, exhibitions, conferences, surveys, etc. regarding life in rural areas.

2 Developing actions related to the defence, conservation and improvement of agricultural activities and as many actions and supports may be required to ensure the sound development of the farming, stockbreeding or forestry business.

3 Organising training actions for farmers, stockbreeders, forest farmers, women, young people, seasonal workers, etc.

4 Promoting the primary sector, promoting quality farming products; participating in specialised studies; carrying out information activities for the rural population; and proposing new measures to the different Public Administrations.

5 Promoting agricultural, stockbreeding, forestry and craft activities, encouraging an optimal use, conservation and improvement of natural resources.

6 Seeking equal opportunities for women and disadvantaged groups.

7 Developing any other activity or feature related to any of the above activities, whether preparatory or complementary.

Fundagro has close links with UAGN (the farmers’ and stockbreeders’ union of Navarre). This enables us to rely on an extensive network of branch offices with technical and human resources throughout the territory of the Chartered Community of Navarre: Pamplona, Tudela, Estella, Tafalla, Azagra and Elizondo.

Fundagro’s human team is made up of professionals with profiles specialising in different domains of activity connected to the primary sector and rural development.

The team’s functioning system relies on:

1 Complementarity: each member is an expert in a certain aspect of the project required to attain the objectives.

2 Coordination: the team of professionals is led by a coordinator and operates on an organised and well-planned basis.

3 Communication: teamwork requires an open communication among the team members, a crucial factor to ensure the coordination of individual actions.

Additionally, since 2012 we are in charge of Casa Gurbindo, the Agriculture and Stockbreeding Interpretation Centre of Navarre, located in Aranzadi Park in

UPNA cast-eusk (color) Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA), UPNA, The Public University of Navarre. Sustainable Land Management Group.
INTIA LogoCompleto The Institute for Agrifood Technologies and Infrastructures of Navarre (INTIA) provides advanced market-oriented services for the development of the agrifood sector based on quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability. INTIA’s objectives include: the Dissemination of production techniques and systems; Research; Testing; Advice and Training; Services for the promotion and advancement of the agricultural and the agrifood sector; Collaboration with public and private bodies (national and foreign) in this field of activity; Development of irrigated land and agricultural infrastructures; Monitoring, Certification and Promotion of the Agrifood Industry.