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Collective commitment Initiative whose aim is to contribute to the COP21 Paris a sum of actions, individual daily gestures of people and entities influencing the climate against climate change, to show the urgency of a sufficiently ambitious emission reduction that may help prevent the worst ecological, economic and social impacts of climate change.




Commitments to irrigation water: The water we use has to go through a series of processes (impulsion, canalisation, pressurisation etc.) that imply CO2 emissions for each sq. m. of water consumed. Introducing water-saving technologies and changing our irrigation and use habits, adapting them to crop needs, using suitable agronomic designs and periodically maintaining the materials can reduce CO2 emissions and improve the climate of our planet.


irrigation water


COP 21 Paris: In December this year, Paris will host the 21st Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), which will bring together representatives from 198 countries in search of key alliances to a new international climate agreement that replaces the Kyoto Protocol.