LIFE12 ENV/ES/000426

Topical issues

Historic agreement:</strong></em><strong> UE PROMISE TO REDUCE GEI EMISSIONS IN A 40% AND TO INCREASE THE USE OF RENEWAL ENERGIES TO 27% IN 2030</strong>

UE agreed a climate historical change: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions(GEI) from Union in a 40% for 2030 with reference to 1990 values. It comes to the most ambitious energetic policy worldwide.To reach this goal it will be kept  emissions trading scheme(RCDE)but reformed and with the enhanced functioning. With reference to agricultural sector, European Conseil has demanded to Commission study to improve in a best manner to promote the sustainable intensification of food production, whereas it is optimised sector contribution to GEI emissions mitigation and to the gases abduction, even afforestation way. Before 2020, it would have to define a policy which allowed to include the use of the land, the change of use of the land and the forestry in the framework for action just 2030 for the GEI emissions mitigation.